New Items

Leslie Upper Belt, Lower Belt available. Original Cloth Belt !!

Prophet-600 Membrane Switch Pad is available at $60.00/ea.
Prophet-5 Rev.2 Big Nameplate, Prophet-5 (4) nameplates, Minimoog nameplate,and Prophet-5 knobs are available.

Waldorf Wave Gas Strut (Gas spring) set available.

A thousand of jpeg images of the vintage Hammond tone-wheel organs and their "wanna-be" at Hammond Organ Photo Gallery - Lots of rarest Hammond organs you have ever known.

Technical information site would be helpful for you. Parts List, tube chart and schematics available.
Parts suppliers' links are here.

CEM3340, CEM3372, SSM2044, SSM2020, SSM2050, SSM2040, MM5823, MM5824N = MM5554N, AS3310, AS3320, AS3330, AS3340, AS3360 and etc. available.

Original power switch for Rhodes Janus 100W amp available.

Germanium power transistor DTG110B for Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano Peterson 80W amp available. Only 5 left.

3.5" 2DD Floppy Discs are available over 500.

Vintage keyboards and synths page is updated regularly.

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